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Green Unicorns are real — The richest most aromatic and smokable CBD Hemp Flowers available anywhere.

Popular CBD strains

We do our homework, searching far and wide for the latest and most popular CBD flowers to add to our curated selection of low-THC flower. The result? Superior indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor strains cultivated by America’s most experienced growers.

Legendary strains. Curated quality.

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Feeling is Believing

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, you are in great hands when shopping with Green Unicorn Farms. If in doubt, reach out to us for a personalized product recommendation.
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The Premium CBD Difference

Smoking CBD flower offers many benefits over other cannabinol products:

  • Pure, unadulterated CBD in its most natural form
  • Superior user experience that is aromatic, flavorful, and therapeutic
  • Almost immediate effects by rapidly entering the body
  • Full-spectrum entourage effect, just as nature intended


Terpenes are not only responsible for the aroma and flavor of each strain, they also contribute to the overall experience felt by enhancing the effects of the cannabinoids.

There are over 200 different terpenes found within the hemp family. Green Unicorn Farms selects only terpene-rich, flavorful flower that is a pleasure to smoke.

Best CBD Pre-rolls from Green unicorn

If this is your first time buying CBD flower it can be very difficult to know which of all strains to buy.

In order to make things a little easier for you, we have divided our online menu into Daytime and Nighttime products that promote uplifting and sleepy effects. We have also written a bunch of educational articles the will assist you in selecting the right product for your particular needs.

See our first time buyer’s guide and our top 10 CBD flower strains articles for more information or try the personal shopper for a product suggestion.

Our support team is also happy to assist you during office hours (9am-7pm PST) via live chat, phone or email. Go to our contact page for more info.

If you are subject to drug testing and stand to lose you job or other opportunities due to a failed drug test we do not recommend smoking CBD flower.

In most cases, regular drug tests will not pick up on the low amount of THC in the hemp plant (≤ .3%). However, your test could result in a false positive result for THC if the test is very sensitive.

You are better off finding a CBD isolate. Meaning a product that has been stripped of all cannabinoids except for the CBD.

No. The “high” feeling that is associated with cannabis is caused by the THC cannabinoid. To be classified as hemp, flower must contain 0.3% THC or less, which isn’t anywhere near enough to make you feel high.

Due to the complete lack of intoxicating compounds in legal hemp flower, smoking it won’t impair your motor skills or judgement in any way whatsoever.

You can learn more about the differences between marijuana and hemp flower, here.

All the flower we sell at Green Unicorn Farms is lab-tested to verify its contents. We pride ourselves on being premium suppliers of only the richest, cleanest, most aromatic hemp flower available on the market.

Click here to view all lab results

Yes. If you’re not ready for your mailman to know you smoke CBD, then worry not!

We take great care in packaging our products to ensure that the arrive to you in a prompt, safe, and discreet manner.

We also take measures to ensure that the package is safe from any breakage and smell that might escape. Padded, bubble mailers and vacuum sealing ensures that your order will arrive intact and discreet to your door.

Every order goes out with a letter describing that the product is in fact hemp and not cannabis and that is is federally legal to carry and consume as well as lab results of each strain in your order.

We put no branding (logos etc.) on the shipments.

Unfortunately our products are only available within the U.S. at this time. Join our newsletter to stay in touch with us and receive all of our latest news, including when we are able to ship internationally.

Legendary Strains

  • Only the finest CBD flowers from licensed, organic, controlled environments
  • Rich, abundant, diverse cannabinoid contents that are always third-party tested
  • Fully developed, aromatic terpene profiles for a full body sensorial experience
  • Federally legal, safe and effective Low-THC flower derived from hemp

Learn About Smoking CBD

Expand your knowledge of our beautiful products and the powers of pure CBD. If you’re curious to know why smokable hemp flower is so popular, why it’s better than vaping, or just want to know more about terpenes, check our blogs below.

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