Transparency & Honesty

All of our CBD flower is tested in a lab by certified scientists and the results are published below for each of our Green Unicorn strains. The certificates show the amount of cannabinoids present verify that all of our strains are clean and pesticide-free. We feel it’s important for you to have this information so you can enjoy complete confidence in our products, as well as work out which cannabinoid profiles are working the hardest for you.


Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush COA 2023

White CBG

white CBG COA 2023

Pink Panther

Pink Panther COA 2023

Sour Lifter

Sour Lifter COA

Sour Brulee

Sour Brulee COA 2023


cakeberry COA

Lemon Octane

Lemon Octane COA 2023

Sour Brulee

Sour Brulee COA 2023

Lemon Cookie Dough

Lemon Cookie Dough COA 2023

Sour Chem

Sour Chem COA 2023

Royal OG

Royal OG COA 2023

Raspberry Bear Claw

Raspberry Bear Claw COA 2023

Fruity Tooties

Fruity Tooties COA

SpecDiesel Indoor

SpecDiesel 2023

Strawberry Diesel Indoor

Strawberry Diesel_page-0001

Raspberry Creeme Indoor

Raspberry Creeme Indoor coa

Half Baked Indoor

Half Baked Indoor coa

Citradelic Indoor

Citradelic COA 2.1

Cali Purp Indoor

Cali Purp Indoor COA

Mango Fire Indoor

Mango Fire Indoor COA

Berry Blast Indoor

Berry Blast Indoor COA

Yaga OG Indoor

Yaga OG Indoor COA

Godfather OG Indoor

Godfather OG Indoor COA 2.0

Lemon Abacus Indoor

Lemon Abacus Indoor COA

Strawberry Banana Indoor

Strawberry Banana COA

Sugar Queen Indoor

Sugar Queen COA

Rock Candy Indoor

Rock Candy Indoor COA

Space Invader Indoor

Space Invader Indoor


Wedding Cake

wedding cake 22_page-0002

Lemon Octane

Lemon Octane COA 2023

Royal OG

Royal OG COA 2023

Fruit Funk

fruit funk 22_page-0002


1500mg Tincture

1500mg Tincture (2023)

3000mg Tincture


6000mg Tincture

6000mg tincture 2023

Sleep Drops

1200mg Sleep Drops Melatonin


Get Lifted Gummies

GetLifted Gummies COA

Chill Out Gummies

Chill Out Gummies 2023

Deep Sleep Gummies

Deep Sleep Gummies COA


Relief Cream

Pain Relief Cream COA