At Green Unicorn Farms we are always looking for hungry individuals who are willing to work hard and learn how to produce great results in the ever-changing hemp and cannabis industry.

Tell us about yourself and what your skillset is. Are you a young marketing expert, designer or maybe a seasoned product formulator? We want to get to know you and find a place for you in our small dynamic team.

    Feeling is believing

    We believe in the therapeutic benefits of the cleanest, richest, most aromatic CBD hemp flower. We believe in impeccable standards cultivated by the most experienced indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor farmers. We believe in careful inspection, diligent research, and experienced testing. We believe in Green Unicorns and the reality that they make possible.

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    A wide selection of CBD flower

    Our top priority is supplying customers with premium CBD that will enhance their lives and produce a lasting change for the positive.