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Deep Sleep Gummies

With added CBN + Melatonin

Sour CBD Gummies

THC-Free | 4 Sour Flavors | 25MG each

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

1500 — 6000mg Full Spectrum Tincture

Sleep Drops

CBD + Melatonin

Sleep Bundle

Sleep Drops + Sleep Gummies

At Green Unicorn Farms we offer full-spectrum CBD tinctures, THC-free gummies, vegan gummies and melatonin infused oils. All our products are made with the cleanest, richest and most noble ingredients to make sure that you are getting nothing but the best.

That being said, our CBD products are powerful and effective so if you are a first-time user or just curious about the effects of CBD you should start by reading more about our Melatonin + CBD combination and the impressive difference that full-spectrum CBD products offer in our blog.

Dosing: CBD can affect people differently based on unique conditions such as body size and previous cannabinoid experience. We suggest starting off slowly then increasing or decreasing your dose based on your personal needs. As your endocannabinoid system finds symbiosis, you will find that your body feels more harmonious and your bodily functions work better.

*Speak with your medical professional before starting a CBD routine.