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With roots in the Bay Area, we are powered by the same California sun and soil that grows the mighty Redwood. Our philosophy is simple, we want to provide you with the best CBD products possible and select the best cultivars from the best producers in the country.

Legendary strains. Curated quality.

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We believe in the therapeutic benefits of the cleanest, richest, most aromatic CBD hemp flower. We believe in impeccable standards cultivated by the most experienced indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor farmers. We believe in careful inspection, diligent research, and experienced testing. We believe in Green Unicorns and the reality that they make possible.

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This flower was literally the best quality CBD flower I’ve ever tried so far. Super fresh buds covered in trichomes, super sticky and dense yet fluffy and a super sweet aroma. The taste also sweet and such nice effects. Also the best customer service! (Thank you so much for the magnets! :D)
Zee S.H. Top notch CBD flower!
I can’t say enough about these pre rolls honestly I’ve had lots of Pre-Rolls from multiple places. Which has kinda gave me a bad experience because in most of the cases it’s always shake with small amounts of flower but no bud!
Brandon B. Fresh Flower!!! Not Shake!! Super High Quality Pre-Rolls!!!
It’s such a Gorgeous Bud! Smells wonderful and puts you in a good chill vibe!
Shawn J. B.e.a.Utiful!
Ordered a zip of this Rasberry Creeme and it’s by far one of the loudest and most gassiest smelling CBD ever! There was a little hic-cup in my initial order but Greenhorn was prompt to resolve the issue and I appreciate them being an honest and caring company. If you’re looking for top shelf flower and amazing customer service, look no further!
ML More like Raspberry DREAM
I’m an old head I guess ! But I was tired of the high, but still loved the taste of marijuana. So green unicorn farms were heaven sent. I’ve liked everything I’ve got. but I’ll prolly stick with more of the creamsicle style. The taste is amazing and the growers know what they’re doing for sure. Ag farms I believe. I’ll be looking for them every time I purchase. But thanks so much again. I truly enjoy it. Very therapeutic as you say
Tibbs Just what I was looking for !!
This is my second time trying cbd flower and I’m very pleased with the quality of this flower. I’ve used the royal og a couple of times now and couldn’t be happier with my decision to try Green Unicorn Farm flower. The buzz is tingly and relaxing on the body coupled with a happy uplifting feeling. My thoughts are cool calm and collected and am confident doing any daily activity at work or with family and friends. I have quickly become a huge fan and will definitely re order in the future with this company.
Jonathan M. You’ll Love the Flower Sample Pack # 2
I’ve used this company a couple of times and would HIGHLY recommend them. I even asked them to pop a note in the package for my long distance girlfriend and not only did they do that but it was incredibly sweet. I will be definitely using them again. Great products and a great company.
R.S. Fantastic company
I’ve been using CBD and THC tincture for over a year for my breakthrough chronic pain. I use 100mg CBD + 15mg THC 3x day instead of Percocet and it works very well with no side effects. It took me a year of experimenting to get it right. Thank you Green Unicorn for continuing to sell a 6000mg bottle of tincture.
J.E. Great product
This strain is the Best I’ve tried so far! If you’re looking for a high terp strain, this is definitely it. Tastes like candied berries, every puff. It’s extremely smooth and puts you in the mellow zone. Way better than alot of medical I’ve had. This is perfect if you can’t do high THC anymore . Keep more of these coming GUF!!!
L.N. Flavor Strain!
Enjoy dealing with this company-Product is dispatched quickly and fresh. Product does exactly what is expected of it. Nice taste and finish! Don’t hesitate in ordering or you will miss a great smoke.
psychoRN VERY HAPPY in many ways
First Time Trying Cbd And Maaaaan, Half Baked Indoor Flower Gave Me Such A Good Relaxed Feeling. Clean Smoke, Potent, Beautiful Flower. Highly RECOMMEND!!!!!!!! 👍🏽
K.F. Half Baked Indoor
Excellent quality and quick shipping! Thoroughly satisfied with your product and quality! Not your typical online cbd products, very impressive
Carl N. Godfather OG

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We have also been featured in some of the best known publications both online and offline with mentions in LA Weekly, Thrillist, CBD School, CBD Incubator, Leafly, 10 Buds, Proper and more.

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Green Unicorn Premium CBD Flower should always arrive to you in top form. Only the freshest, finest buds make it into our collection. We handle them as little as possible, package them carefully, and send them forth for all to enjoy.