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With roots in the Bay Area, we are powered by the same California sun and soil that grows the mighty Redwood. Our philosophy is simple, we want to provide you with the best CBD products possible and select the best cultivars from the best producers in the country.

Legendary strains. Curated quality.

We believe

We believe in the therapeutic benefits of the cleanest, richest, most aromatic CBD hemp flower. We believe in impeccable standards cultivated by the most experienced indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor farmers. We believe in careful inspection, diligent research, and experienced testing. We believe in Green Unicorns and the reality that they make possible.

No hocus pocus...

These are real people experiencing real effects from our award-winning CBD products 🥇
Cherry Ultra
Perfect Remedy for Insomnia
I’ve been on prescription sleep medicine for years and I still struggled with getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep. I tried the CBD sour gummies and one word came to mind, “Finally!” I slept for 12 hours uninterrupted by chronic back pain and migraines. I woke up feeling fully rested and the pain and sore muscles disappeared. I highly recommend this product; it has several benefits with no side-effects.
Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower
Nice Sleeping Aid
I find that using the Sleep Gummies is really helpful-they don’t make me sleep, the LET me sleep. Helps squelch the thought cyclones!
Lifter Pre Rolls
Really enjoyed it
I have a hard time relaxing and easing restlessness during the day. This strain really eased that feeling without making me tired or overly relaxed. I would recommend using it during the day before getting some work done or even just sitting down to watch tv.
Pre Roll Flight
When all you need is a helping hand
Green Unicorn Farms has been the greatest blessing. My wife has never enjoyed all the anxiety medication her doctors have given her. Your flower has been the awesomest solution.
CBD Pre Roll Bundle
Outstanding for pain and sleep!

I have 4 autoimmune diseases and have lots of muscle pain and because of the pain trouble sleeping. I had never tried this brand before, but I think it is special. The Full Spectrum 3000mg CBD has worked giving me the breaks I have needed from pain! I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I take 2 droppers full now and I think I can cut down on the dose now that I have a sense of how it works. It doesn’t make me high at all, just after awhile I realize I am more calm and pain is greatly reduced. Enough that I can get work done and at night get to sleep easily.

I also tried the 750mg sleep gummies and to be honest with you, they are a bit on the too sweet side for my tastes, but they do work. I take 2 before bedtime.

Thank you, Green Unicorn Farms!! I think I love you!

CBD Pre Roll Bundle
Best CBD $/mg
I’ve tried lots of the other big brands and none were anymore effective than this oil for anxiety, inflammation, sleep, or overall well-being. Difference is this is priced at about 50% less than those brands. I’m hoping the inevitable increase in popularity/demand doesn’t lead to a price increase.
CBD Pre Roll Bundle
Sleep All Night
Just 2 droppers full lets me get a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Wake up rested and ready to tackle the day with NO groggy hangover some sleep aids might give . Two thumbs up!!
Special Sauce Pre Roll Pack
This is a great product and has helped with my insomnia! It has become party of my night time routine.
Kinsey J.
Relaxing and better than I expected. I will be ordering more!
Kimberly M.
I Started Slowly
My first experience and it was great. Ordering was easy. Arrived very quickly. I cut the gummy in thirds as I am a senior and wanted to be cautious! It truly relieved the anxiety I was feeling and sleep came easily!
Beautiful flower
The flower is absolutely beautiful. The freeze dry technique makes it a perfect smoke. The trim job is superb. I enjoyed the indoor premium flower much better than the outdoor. This Bubba Kush Indoor is a must purchase. Definitely ounce worthy.
Great flavor smoke
I had the Lifter as my first green unicorn smoke and was instantly impressed. Good stickiness and amazing flavor. What took me to the moon wasn’t the hemp but the stars that work there and email back cool messages. Great team, I hope they have lasting power.

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We have also been featured in some of the best known publications both online and offline with mentions in LA Weekly, Thrillist, CBD School, CBD Incubator, Leafly, 10 Buds, Proper and more.

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Green Unicorn Premium CBD Flower should always arrive to you in top form. Only the freshest, finest buds make it into our collection. We handle them as little as possible, package them carefully, and send them forth for all to enjoy.