Diesel Fuel CBD flower

Small Exotic Buds

An exotic mix of small buds with huge flavor and reliable effects!

Our budget collection of small buds is offered to you at a better price point than our premium buds but give you the same great smoking experience.

Currently available in three exotic strains that have been hand curated for maximum flavor, effect and enjoyment.

🍊 – Orange Glaze

🍑 – Peach Mint Kush

⛽️ – Diesel Fuel

Suver Haze

Only small buds available!

Suver Haze is a hemp flower favorite that every hemp enthusiast needs to be familiar with.

It has a very unique and distinguished taste that is easy to pick out in a lineup. The sour notes of green apples and orange zest help give you an added focus and clarity to thoughts and emotions.

Suver Haze works morning, day, evening and night. Whenever you spark up Suver Haze, you know it’s going to be a good day.

Suver Haze CBD Flower
Special Sauce CBD flower

Special Sauce

Finally available as loose flower!

Special Sauce has been our top selling pre-roll for the past year but it wasn’t available for sale as loose flower online… until now.

Special Sauce is a particularly terpene-rich hemp flower strain packed with deliciously unique earthy flavors that offer the ultimate in smooth and mellow smoking experiences that fits perfectly into your evening routine.


Tangie is a fun and uplifting CBD strain with flavors of tangerine and other citrus fruits. It is a great strain for mornings and daytime or anytime when you want to feel alert, clear headed and social.

This strain is full of beneficial terpenes and is sure to brighten up your day and wash away any bad mental clouds and physical tensions.

Tangie CBD Flower
Elektra Strain


A real smoker’s delight, Elektra CBD is potentially one of the most uniquely flavorful CBD strains available. With a particularly intense terpene profile, Elektra is the type of strain that we can see gaining cult status before long.

This strain will make a perfect match for you if you’re looking for a potent daytime strain that will help you feel calm and relaxed without sending you to sleep. It gives you a relaxed body and a clear and alert mind.

With particularly uplifting and light effects, Elektra is great for social situations and many users report feeling more talkative with no paranoia while smoking it.