Berry Blossom

Berry Blossom is an extremely floral CBD strain with wildly exotic overtones of candied raspberries and tropical berries. It is smooth on the throat and very rich terpene profile and cannabinoid content makes it an extremely relaxing and chill CBD flower.

Best enjoyed in the nighttime for winding down before bed after a long day. Feel the effects take over you whole body as tensions from the day melt away.

Berry Blossom CBD flower Green Unicorn Farms
Sour Special Sauce CBD Flower

Sour Special Sauce

Sour Special Sauce is a sour variation of our popular Special Sauce!

With berry-like sweet and sour notes and a gassy and earthy undertone, Sour Special Sauce is uniquely different in flavor from original Special Sauce. The effects however, give you the same chilled out and relaxing vibes but with a slightly more focusing and creative twist.

Sour Special Sauce is bred to maximize the terpenes limonene and caryophellene. These terpenes give the bud a very unique aroma while preserving the high CBD content that made us fall in love with the original Special Sauce.


Lifter is a potent sativa dominant CBD strain with uplifting qualities that match perfectly with morning and daytime activities.

It has a strong earthy, grape-like scent with a loud and gassy diesel finish. These Lifter CBD buds are dense, sticky and high in CBD with a terpene profile that will help you keep creative and focused throughout the day.

Works perfectly for both seasoned CBD connoisseurs and first time CBD smokers.

Cherry Abacus CBD Flower

Cherry Abacus

Cherry Abacus is a loud, aromatic CBD strain with small to medium sized buds that are dense and lightly covered with trichomes. It has a fruity and floral scent with rich notes of red berries with cherries in particular. Some even think the aroma is similar to that of Cherry Coke.

Cherry Abacus is perfect for relaxing the mind and body without getting completely locked to the couch. A strain for winding down after a long day when you want to melt away tension and discomforts.

These buds are fresh from the 2020 harvest – hand trimmed and absolutely delicious!

Sour Space Candy

Fans of Sour Space Candy can easily pick it out of a line-up by the aroma alone as this strain possesses one of the most unique terpene profiles we’ve encountered, along with our Elektra strain.

An extremely exotic smelling flower, Sour Space Candy is a sativa-dominant hybrid that will make you feel relaxed, happy, and uplifted. It’s great for morning and daytime use when you need to boost your mood and tackle the day’s events head-on.

White CBG Flower

White CBG

White CBG is a CBG rich hemp flower strain with beautiful buds that shine in frosty white trichomes. This strain has a subtle flavor profile and smooth effects that differ greatly from CBD flower.

It’s a Sativa strain that works perfectly for both day and nighttime activities. These buds give you a sense of focus, clarity and calm without putting you to sleep.

White CBG is a fantastic strain on its own, especially if you have tried a lot of CBD flower before and want to try something new. It’s also a great strain for mixing with other buds to create a unique and smooth effect.