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Love the bub

It’s green! no seeds no sticks no stems cbd chronic! It smells like skunk n coffee some other stores should take note 7 g of cbd buds it was sticky when I got it but. So Smoke it quick cbd don’t stay sticky as long as thc flower why is that?

This Seems To Be My Type!

I like everything about this one! Looks beautiful, smells even better. It breaks up really well, into perfect burning texture. I enjoy the heady feel & great taste. Works for me beyond expectations!

Bulk Flower
Kevin E.
It's a blessing

To be honest this is some of the best s*** I've ever had I'll recommend it to anybody

Lovely flowers!

Enjoyed very much...shipped fast, and the flowers are beautiful! 😀

Excellent cbd flower

The godfather OGA is a excellent cbd flower.
..this was my first time ordering from green unicorn farms and the whole process was very professional and delivery and package was excellent..
The flower itself was phenomenal, very well trimmed and cured , moisture content was perfect and terpenes were perfectly represented ...the effect upon dry vaping this strain is absolutely calming ,relaxing in mind and body...very a warm electric blanket that drifts you off into cozy sleep..
Very well done...Bravo

Cali Purps 🔥

The cali purps are so pretty!! They smoke is smooth and taste great! The effects are very relaxing and I recommend this bud! I’m hoping I can order more! 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟


These are delicious just like everyone of your products I just wish you would bring back the gummy bears. Favorite flavor was pineapple. Still highly recommend any of your products.

Pink Panther

My friend called me up and was telling me Pink Panther was very good. I tried it and it’s one of the most incredible smelling CBD’s ever. Really enjoyed the batch that I received. I thought the sample pack was a nice touch.

Bulk Flower
Allen l.
Bulk flower...

Good stuff. I find it a little sticky but still nice . I tried a few products from GUF , indoor , outdoor, 1/2 oz - 1/2 lbs etc. Indoor looks much nicer, less sticky, but both make me feel very nice.
Coming from a guy that was "Hooked on pot", I am very happy with all GUF products. Huge saving in price. I am thrilled I found CBD, No more pot for me!


I have anxiety and with my workload, this helps a ton! I wanted something that was relaxing and didn’t make me tired at the same time. This stuff is perfect! Even helps me concentrate a little better. They even through in a free sample of Sour Chem! Will definitely be coming back for more!

Great High CBDa 🌼

With all of the buzz around THCa, it's challenging to find quality flower with a higher CBDa content. This was my first Green Unicorn order, and I'm very happy with the Raspberry Creeme. Great trim and cure and fantastic effects! For me, CBDa has the relaxed and super chill effects that I want without the anxiety that comes with a high THCa strain. Would love a 'smalls' option in 28g. Glad I found the Unicorn!


Top tier flower that’s extremely calmly and perfectly balanced to help you relax!!! Two thumbs WAY up!!!

Lemon Cookie Dough
Almonique K.

This product is bomb

the sleepiest

This is by far THE best strain I've ever tried for my's a creeper for sure and I love slipping off to my most pleasant sleepy place. 🥱😴.

Cali Purp Indoor
Quentin R.

Smell good,smooth&relaxing,pretty nice....


I’m a construction contractor and dont have the time to be high but need the benefits of weed for constant body pain. And popping asprin everyday just isn’t good. But this CBD flower really helps. It takes pain away as well as helps me fall asleep so this product is a win for me. I recommend it to anyone dealing with the aggravation of constant pain. And green unicorn delivers as promised. I’m a happy customer.

Love it

I love the products. I pass my drug test and still help me relax

Back for more

Got a gram of it and now more. It has become a staple of my fav's line up.

Godfather OG🔥🔥🔥🔥

Green Unicorn continues to make me a happy customer! As soon as the bag opened the scent of amazing Kushiness hit my nose. I pulled a nug out and instantly noticed the beautiful frosty green nugs. The nugs were fresh and trimmed perfectly. Once ground up the sweet kush goodness filled the room. I packed it into a cone and it was so smooth and tasty. I will be ordering more.

Very relaxing

Nice for relaxing to a nice quite evening or at night

Bubba Kush
Don K.

Very good product seals the night with a pleasant kiss, goodnight

My new favorite pre-rolls

After another company, apparently went out of business, I’m glad I found this company. I will be ordering more.

On point

I definitely recommend. They are on point. One of the better ones that I have had.

D-9 Gummies

The service was great but I have not tried one yet. Check back.


This strain takes the cake for the best CBD strain I have ever personally had. First off the looks are beyond what you would expect with CBD flower. Looks like straight type 1 gas. The smell is something so unique and loud, me and my wife call it funky unky because it smells like someone's funky uncle lol. The effects are an absolute 10/10 as well. Deep heavy relaxation behind the eyes a perfect indica for sleepy time 😴