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Forbidden V

Very happy with my purchase and good customer service!

Love the gas ⛽️

Gassy and nice. I smoke it in the morning. Def a wake n bake kind of strain


I have tried most of your flowers looking for one to help with pain this one is a great one for me. Thank you keep growing different types they are amazing

Relief Cream
Sally R.
I've tried a bunch and like this cream best

This cream has a great 'melting' texture, and the scent is unique -- I really like it. It isn't a fake scent--earthy and interesting--some might not like it but I do. It is also very effective. I have four different topicals from other companies, and Green Unicorn has fast become my favorite for low back pain, chronic knee pain. and neck pain. I'm very pleased with everything I've tried from Green Unicorn, and their customer service is the best. I have tried many other CBD companies in the past five years and they are now my number one choice.

i was unable to get orange peel due to the fact yall were out , but Robert H offered citron light instead and i said i would give it a shot , however i have not finished the sample pack i got last time , i will try the citron soon tyvm

Very good

Other than I didn't like the flavor great feel currently checking out other flavors to see which I prefer thanks

High quality, great flavor

Love this and lots of the others great for pain, stress, and anxiety.

Special Sauce
Eric H.

Loved every second of it

The Big Chill

This is now my favorite (after Bubba). It’s smooooth, yet powerful. It lets you know exactly what it’s doing! And you feel real good about it. So glad to be introduced to this strand.

Customer service is OUTSTANDING !!!! The product SUPERB!! The ENTIRE experience with GreenUnicornFarms is rare and what you’re looking for. Grateful to have found them.

We've got your back till the wheels fall off D! ❤️

Cherry Abacus
Timothy P.
My Favorite Abacus

Have smoked Abacus varieties over the past 3 years and I have to say the Cherry Abacus from Green Unicorn Farms is hands down the best Abacus yet... A marriage of 2 of my favorite strains for evening relaxation and relief... Going to buy another oz before it is gone...

Gillian C.



I got a Great Night Sleep, would recommend!

Special Sauce
Cody S.
Special sauce

I enjoyed this strain, i mainly prefer indicas. It made me relaxed and had a good headspace to draw and do some art. Although i will say i enjoyed the bubba kush more than this, i can see myself ordering it again.

Andrew R.
Great combo with THC strains

I mix Elektra about 1:1 with cannabis. The resultant high is less edgy, more euphoric. Friends I have shared it with have had the same experience. No anxiety whatsoever. Try it, you'll like it! On it's own, I find CBD, including Elektra, a bit sedating. Individual matter.

Hawaiian Haze

Loved the smell and taste...happy chill piece for the day

Great product.

I was skeptical about cbd because i had previously used high thc flower and didnt think cbd would do anything for me but i was pleasantly surprised, and will order again. The sour space candy in particular was a very nice relaxed feeling without being ready for bed.


One of my go to GUF is the best great ppl great product always looking out for customers!! 100% 💯 💯

Pre-Rolled Bundle

Great Service& Products. Will purchase more.

Sleep Gummies
Tamara L.
Love them!

I love the taste and texture, and they totally help me relax and sleep! Disclaimer - I didnt exactly have severe problems sleeping before, but I definitely get way drowsier and turn off the TV earlier when I eat one of these. I also think I have been sleeping more soundly; I haven't been waking up to use the bathroom or to random noises as much as I used to.

Sour Space Candy
Torrie A.

The Sour Space Candy is perfect. I turn it into CBD-infused butter. It's great for pain management.



Diesel Fuel
Idolinda P.
Awesome blossom

The best sleep I have had in years. Wake up ready to deal with the world like a super hero

Love it! You're a super hero in my book!!

Much better than expected

Much better than expected

Bubba Kush
John D.

I have always been impressed with your variety of products, reasonable prices & fast service! Keeps me coming back for more!

Bubba Kush
Ina B.
Relaxing and Sleepy

Just a couple hits helped me feel relaxed. Any more then that put me to sleep, but not for a long time. It's perfect for nap time!