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Michael C.
Alternative Medicine for Anxiety & Depression

Enjoyed this right down to the last puff. Very tolerable with my non-seasonable allergies. Extremely therapeutic; gives me a sense of calmness and a great mood enhancer. Absolutely loved the experience and plan on ordering more.

I recommend this to anyone as an alternative to prescription medication.

Bubba Kush
David L.
Great Product

Great product i'm actually enjoy some right now this strain has been my favorite so far and i have tried a few now bubba kush has a earthy smells and taste i have yet to try any of the higher grade strains but if they are anything like this then i am game i recommend this strain to anyone looking to relax or take the edge off from a long day or to help you sleep for those less experienced i would say try one of the main day time strains the team at Green Unicorn Farms even have bundles so you can try more than one strain Feeling Is Believing is not just a trade mark i will definitely order again

That's awesome! I am very happy that you felt the power of Bubba. Thank you for your thoughtful review

Daniel B.

Very good product clean and effective

Kelly H.

I enjoyed thanks

Small Buds
Bruno P.

It took over a week to be delivered even though I paid extra for shipping
It came faster when I just used free shipping on the past

Hi Bruno - Yes! USPS has had some delays these past weeks. So sorry about that but I am happy that the product arrived in the end. If you have problems with delays in the future, just let us know and we will assist 🙂

Sour Space Candy

Special Sauce
Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce is the best sauce. It smells great, tastes great, and works great
Will definitely be getting this again

Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush gives your mind a creative, yet relaxing experience. It lulls you into another level of calmness. Enjoy!

Sour Lifter
Maddie D.P.
Works and gives me energy and focus

Love this stuff, helps me feel less depressed

Sour Gummy Bears
Michael C.
Perfect Remedy for Insomnia

I've been on prescription sleep medicine for years and I still struggled with getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep. I tried the CBD sour gummies and one word came to mind, "Finally!" I slept for 12 hours uninterrupted by chronic back pain and migraines. I woke up feeling fully rested and the pain and sore muscles disappeared. I highly recommend this product; it has several benefits with no side-effects.

That is wonderful! Sleep is such an important thing that we must never take for granted. Thank you for sharing your experience

White CBG
Jk H.

White cbg is great for me because of the different neurological effects. I have MS and it has improved my walking gait, something that none of the “real “ ms drugs had been able to do.
It is the only thing I use now for my condition.

That is wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing your experience

Bubbah kush is the best!!

Got my sampler pack on time and the bubbah kush is my favorite.It smokes good and tastes amazing.Thank you guys!!

Bubba Kush
Joe F.
Great strain

My second favorite strain. Great taste and the relaxing, chill effects are what I enjoy most about this strain

Love them all

By far the Special Sauce was my absolute favorite. It seems to help the most with my medical condition. Tames it down to where I can function norml. Helped tremendously with sleep as well. Thank you!

Favorite Strain

This is my favorite strain. Love the smell and taste, as well as the effects. Pretty accurate description and GFU has the best quality flower I've found.

White CBG
Chazz D.
Mostly popcorn bud

I purchased an oz of the white, 70% of it was small buds a little smaller than a dime in diameter. I did not pay for popcorn bud. I'm being generous by giving 3 stars only because the shipping was fast. Otherwise I would only give 2 stars.

Small Buds
Great Selection and Fast Service

Excellent products. Small buds work great to make tinctures.


A great variety of quality products. GreenUnicorn is the best. Their buds smell good, inhale good, and do JUST what they say they’re going to do. Safe. Smooth. Great for any anxiety. Reduced pain from inflammation. Nice to my husband.

Customer service has proven themselves reliable and superb.

Excellent customer service and product

Had an item missing from original order. They responded to email in less than an hour with item arriving 2 days later with an extra item included for free!!!

Special Sauce
Teena t.
Works as promised

I am a chronic pain person and often have a horrible time falling and staying asleep. Special
Sauce provides a nice feeling of relaxation that allows me to sleep. So far all the cbd buds have been of superior quality. Don't hesitate if u need to relax... get sum Special Sauce

Teena t.
Very Pleasant

Gifted my Sister Elektra and Special sauce for her 60th birthday and she loved them! Elektra provides a nice mellow but not sleepy vibe...calming. Very Nice

Daytime Bundle
Dorese E.
GreenUnicorn is The Way To Go

Great quality product. Great smell. Perfect effect. Great Information provided.

Besides fighting to get in those ‘pinch’ bags, it’s a wonderful experience.

White CBG

This is good mixer its a pick me up to me. I take a sativa hemp gummies and extract too. Cbg is totally different than cbd but together they like fick and fack.

Jada P.
Great Taste

New to your product on referral from Youtuber Taz. Pre roll gave me a nice calm without making me sleepy. Nice taste and slow burn. Can’t wait to try others.

Honolulu Haze
Erich H.
A great strain

This is a delicious and powerful flower strain. I wish it was sold as loose flower because I find I can’t even finish a pre-roll in one sitting. As someone who suffers from anxiety issues I highly recommend this strain.