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I love the smell of AC/DC

I used to buy the 20/1 CBD/THC bud at my local dispensary, but it all but disappeared from those places along with all the other CBD strains.
When I cracked the top of my jar of this Green Unicorn AC/DC (hemp-derived) flower the wonderful, cheesy, earthy aroma that is the hallmark of AC/DC filled my nose. That alone is worth it for me.
When I Vaped the dry-herb with my Mighty+, honestly, it didn’t make me feel different at all. I know that it’s a much more subtle feeling than the high you get from THC stuff. I loaded my vape and puffed away at the suggested temps for the terpenes in this strain, and I waited for 15 minutes to feel something. Anything? Not really. I even turned up the heat.
So after 15 mins, I hit another bowl. Negligible results. I just felt nothing.
Here’s where it gets interesting. The next day I had a 34% THC Indica strain (Watermelon Punch) and it was a beast.
I was TOO stoned. I remembered I had this AC/DC bud, so had a bowl of that and I swear it totally mellowed the high I was having… like it dialed down its potency.
So now when I have a high THC strain, I cut it with some CBD and it’s making it much more enjoyable.


Citrusberry smells dank. Still nothing compares to kosmic kush. Get some 😎

ACDC rocks!

ACDC was great! Effects were just like described nice and relaxing. Helped with my anxiety. Flavor was tasty and as described. Will definitely order again.

White CBG
James L.
Free ounce

Can you guys give me an extra ounce next time I buy monthly

Well trimmed, nice dense buds

Great daily smoker for me.


Great smoke and great flavor!

Tasty and smells great

One of my favorites i've had so far.

Great Strain

Nice looking buds, smells danky and has nice calming effects

Sour Lifter
Germaine M.
Sour Lifter

Smooth smoke, great taste and smell and relaxing

Best CBD flower I’ve been able to find

Hands down my favorite place to get my cbd flower. Apples snacks happens to be o e of my favorites.


Works for me

Great smoke

Superb As Always

Truly fantastic. The price is quite high, but the quality of the products is great! They will have you chillin in no time.


I am enjoying this strain. I am calm. My mind isn't racing and I am present. Plus I was sent a sample. I will be back for more.

Relief Cream
Colette M.
Relief cream

My husband has been using it on bottom of his feet affected by neuropathy. He said he feels the immediate relief. It goes on easily and it doesn’t have the strong camphor/menthol scent of some others. He is pleased so far.

Better sleep with the new gummies

I liked the mixed fruit gummies but the new recipe feels more effective in helping me fall and stay asleep. As someone who works late nights these gummies are a godsend. Thank you!

Wedding Cake
Kassie W.
Pre Rolled Wedding Cake

This was Great. Nice size Was what I was looking for for my 1st pre rolled. The smoke and the flavor was everything, I was calm, no anxiety, just great relaxation.I was thoroughly impress. I would purchase again

White CBG
Suzanne G.
It actually works!

I bought this for my daughter who's struggling with severe anxiety attacks and she says it is an amazing product that is actually helping her... I'm so pleased and will be purchasing more!

Great Experience with Green Unicorn Farms (GUF)

I will keep this short and sweet.

The purchase of the Raspberry Creeme Indoor CBD hemp strain was my third time purchasing from GUF in 4 months. I have continued to order from them because of the selection of CBD hemp flower strains available, ease of ordering and receipt of the product. All of the hemp flower that I have ordered to date, has all been phenomenal in quality. I primarily use them to produce tinctures, edibles and balms for my clients, many of whom have extreme pain management issues. GUF has a wide variety of hemp strains that have allowed me to focus in on the healing properties of each. This allows me to produce the highest quality medicine for my most severe clients who are choosing to bypass pharmaceuticals as much as possible. That in itself is a gift.

Thank you GUF for all you do to produce the highest quality hemp.
A Touch of Love by Tina

Better than a cup of coffee

This lovely flower helps me loosen up and feel energized. This companies flower is the best hands down !

Relief Cream
Barbara D.

Terrific pain relief and lotion for my skin!

Sour CBD Gummies
Barbara D.

These CBD Sour Gummies were everything I had hoped for both sleep and pain relief!

Sample packs are awesome way to try all the flavors!

Loving all the flavors, all are yummy. Different effects from each slightly but all good. Make me feel calm and relaxed with no anxiety or paranoia. Appreciate the free samples as well. Will be back <3

Sour Space Candy
Christine L.
Sweet like Candy

Perfect afternoon strain.
Helps me push through those super busy days when my body and mind need a push! Helps with pain.


Another great strain! First indica I've purchased from you guys and it blew the doors off other indica's I've tried. I infused the flower into some butter and it led to the most amazing relaxing experience I've ever had on edibles. Thank you so much green unicorn farms!