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Afghan Skunk
Terence O.
Currently my favorite

Everything I've ordered has been great the Afghan skunk is currently my favorite I like the fact that anything I order I received within two to three days since I'm on the East Coast never had a problem and the quality has been very good

Pink Panther
David W.
Pink panther picture purrfect!

I enjoyed it tremendously! 😁

Some dank

This and apple smacks are def my favorites. It's super dank, smoke is nice and smooth. The effects are relaxing but nit to bad at all. I highly recommend.

Pine Walker (CBDV)
Charity S.M.
I like it

I enjoyed this one a lot. Out of the bundle I got it was one of my favorites.

Kosmic kush

Smells amazingly skunky trimmed extremely well very chill efects

Not my think

It looks good ,but nothing special about this smoke,it not work for me.does not make any better .

Great for tea

I got this to make some cbd tea. Works great, grind it up, decarb it, then brew. Tastes good with green or earl grey. Shipping was perfect, quick and easy. Thanks

Shipped quickly and discrete

First time ever trying any hemp cbd flower and I was skeptical on all the controversial opinions out there and understand both sides. As an old school Marijuana lover why buy something that looks and smells like it but no high? Well I am a father of two and getting older to where I don’t enjoy being stoned out of my skull anymore at all and it is not enjoyable. I will straight up say that the cbd was 100% exactly what I needed in life for calming and anxiety relief. Be prepared to straight up stink up wherever you plan to open the packaging!! They also tossed in two preroll joints which was awesome to give myself a chance to try those out first and see how i liked it before rolling up a half oz worth of cones myself. I rolled up a 1g cone of the space candy and smoked it all yesterday over the course of the day and it kept me perfect and never once felt the paranoid or anxiety feeling but the completely opposite effect. I will forever be buying this product and am interested in trying many more strains

Thank you so much for the review and for being open to trying something new!! Feel free to reach out to us if you ever want a personalized strain suggestion 🙂

- The GUF Team
Feeling is believing

Mixed Buds
robert c.
Mixed Buds are a 5 star

Mixed Buds are Great and They will relax you and relax the body and mind

Mixed Buds
Larry N.

Mixed Buds

Philip L.
Spec Diesel

Been wanting to sample some for a while, glad I finally did. A Great afternoon/evening chill. Good flavor, we'll trimmed. I'll be ordering a lot more

Afghan Skunk
Jeffrey N.
Skunky Yumminess..

Absolutely beautiful..a multitude of aromatics, vibrant sticky hairs..smooth, funky, skunky, gassy kush...lovely manicure..Super delicious..can't get enough of that flavor..Excellent mellow PM effect or chill on a rainy day off..pain and anxiety buster..happiness alert....Well worth it...100%!!! Enjoyed the samples..Fantastic costumer service..Jeffrey..

Yayyy!! Glad you like the sticky, skunky, funky greens! Come back anytime and trust in us in case you have any questions 🙂

-The GUF team

top shelf

All products from your company are very good and your service is great and the free samples are appreciated

All good!

Smooth transaction, fast delivery, good product!!


This strain is the best yet! Very pleased. Has a nice glue flavor that I'm looking for and keeps me in the right frame of mind. Going to bulk order on this one for sure.

Free sample

This came as a free sample with my last order and I really like it. Gassy and tasty 😋


Got this one and the other new kosmic strain and this one is my new favorit. Indica effect is what I need for relaxing at night and this Cherry strain was perfect. Great taste, smooth smoke and good service 🔥💯

Wedding Cake
William T.
Best CBD I’ve ever had

I use this to wind down at the end of the day when I sit down in front of my TV and Xbox Series X. It’s the best for that I have discovered. I combined this with Sour Suver Haze as my day driver, and Wedding Cake as the nightly couch friend.

I use a DynaVap M 2021 so an 1/8 goes a long way. The flower is super dense and once you break it down, it has the perfect fluff to it. I moved away from combustion to dry herb vaping so I can really taste all the terpenes that Wedding Cake has to offer. I am still trying to be able to taste the difference. I have discovered that the CBD that is offered here has really cut out my want for THC flower, because I was once a really heavy smoker of THC, even to the point of withdrawal symptoms, and the CBD flower has really caused me to not want any of that anymore. I much prefer CBD and honestly, only Green Unicorn Farms will do. I have plaque psoriasis and unknown to most people, there is some depression and anxiety tied to that, but the CBD makes it go away completely. I am a supporter and a believer in what is offered from GUF. You will not be disappointed if you purchase Wedding Cake. It’s every bit as awesome as it looks in the picture.

I ordered this only last week, and now I have ordered 7gs of SpecDiesel and 3.5gs of Apple Smacks. I wanted the strongest that I could find. If there’s something stronger than that, let me know in a response GUF.

Thanks for the great service and fast delivery. There was even a nice handwritten note as well as a sample of Sour Elektra. That’s top shelf service if you ask me.

Keep up the good work GUF. You’ve gained a loyal customer here in Alabama.

Hi William! Thank you for such an honest and accurate review! I am with you all the way and think that more people would benefit from trying CBD flower along with (or instead of) regular THC flower.

SpecDiesel is our highest cannabinoid flower so you've made a good choice. Cali Gold would be another good option to try. It has respectable cannabinoid numbers and is high in beneficial terpenes.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if you want more personalized recommendations.

- The GUF team

Cali Gold Indoor
Daniel W.
Another winner from Green Unicorn

Beautiful buds, smells great and tastes even better...very relaxing. I have been a faithful customer to another brand for years. I tried Green Unicorn on a whim and they will be my new go to for my cbd flower 🙂

Chem Fruit Funk
Jeffrey N.
Chem Chunk Fruit!!!

100% Fantastic!!! Absolutely Beautiful...Sticky...Aromatic...Smooth and Delicious flavor profile...Helps Me with Anxiety..Pain...Allows for a Mellow/Chill effect...Promotes Happiness and Creativeness..Superb Quality..Amazing...Thank You..Jeffrey!!

If it smells like a skunk, then.....

Excellent flower, hands down. If you're looking for the earthy, gas glue type of smoke this is it. Super mellow. Definitely reccomend for those who are after the flavor and are looking for a chill session. Thanks G.U.F.

Geat flavor!

Was lucky enough to have the blueberry muffin weed strain so I tried them both and it pairs very well!!!:)

Fruit Loops
Natasha G.
Good Mix.

It pairs great with weed! 🙂

Everything amazing so far

Great fresh buds

Orange Glaze Indoor

Not bad