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With fresh drops multiple times per month and small minimum order requirements, you get the opportunity to release fresh indoor CBD flower to your customers on the same schedule as we do. Give your customers a reason to return by always supplying the freshest flavors in town! 

Request CBD flower wholesale pricing on all Green Unicorn Farms products for your retail store by submitting the form below. We offer ready-for-retail packages that fits both big and small businesses.

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Currently serving: Smoke shops / Chiropractic offices / Pain clinics & communities / Retirement homes / Pharmacies / Fitness centers / Tattoo parlors / Beauty salons and personal businesses.

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    The Best Wholesale CBD Flower for Your Shop or Office

    At Green Unicorn Farms, our top priority is supplying you with premium CBD flower products that will enhance your business, cultivate lasting customer connections, and enable long-term success.

    By working with only the most experienced hemp farmers and following a proven, precise research and quality control process, we’re able to curate the rich, diverse hemp flower offerings and pre-rolled products that will supplement your services and enhance your bottom line.

    Our impeccable standards and unsurpassed commitment to quality have set us apart as one of the best CBD companies in 2024.

    Why Bulk CBD Flower?

    CBD is more than a fleeting trend. With demand on the rise and billions in sales forecasted over the next few years, CBD products look to be a hot consumer item well down the road — as well as an excellent addition to your clinic or retail business.

    And while THC edibles and extracts are popular now, more people than ever are turning to the benefits of CBD hemp flower, choosing this smokeable, versatile, and vape-friendly option to enjoy CBD without the THC side effects or breaking their budget. Be sure to visit our online store to explore the diversity of products we offer.

    • Wholesale hemp is legal. Officially passed in 2018, the U. S. Farm Bill removed industrial hemp from the DEA controlled substances list, legalizing wholesale and retail CBD flower sales across the country. However, under the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, it is illegal to market CBD as a therapeutic treatment. However, please do make sure what your local and state law says before you start retailing CBD flower.
    • CBD hemp is affordable. Due to the cultivation process, hemp flower offerings tend to cost far less than other CBD offerings (edibles, extracts, and tinctures), providing an appealing, budget-friendly alternative for which many consumers are searching.
    • Hemp strains offer variety. With so many potent, aromatic strains available, consumers have virtually no end of CBD flower options and offerings from which to choose.
    • Hemp flower is potent. CBD hemp flower works quickly, delivering a more immediate and powerful effect than many of the more expensive CBD offerings on the market.
    • Hemp flower adds unique value. Few offerings are as unique or selling better than CBD hemp flower, a distinctive and profitable addition to any tattoo parlor, smoke shop, or local alternative medical clinic.
    • Vapers are taking notice. Recent vaporizer innovations combined with an explosion in dry herb vaporizing are fueling widespread demand for wholesale hemp flower offerings.
    • High-CBD hemp is doing well overseas. Industrial-hemp and CBD-hemp product sales continue to rise in Europe and other emerging CBD markets — a trend promising to strengthen hemp’s popularity and sales throughout the United States.
    • The fastest CBD delivery mechanism. Smoking CBD allows users to get the full flower, terpenes and cannabinoids into their system without passing through the liver which makes it the very fastest way to CBD relief available out of any CBD product on the market.

    Small Retail Footprint with Great Markup

    Green Unicorn Farms’ premium CBD hemp flower offerings are beautifully packaged and ready to display in your office, shop, or clinic, requiring very little prep, sorting, or retail space to set up and present a new, in-demand offering to your customers.

    Our wholesale hemp flower strains and pre-rolled products also offer significant markup potential, providing an excellent opportunity to supplement your existing offerings and create additional revenue streams. You can price them yourself to maximize profitability or use our MRSP.

    By making high-quality, boutique hemp flower offerings available to your customers, you’re capitalizing on a growing consumer trend, setting your business apart from local competitors, and adding even more value and variety to the customer experience.

    Premium Pre-Rolls

    At Green Unicorn Farms, we offer a wide selection of wholesale CBD pre-rolls made with the latest and most popular CBD hemp flower strains, ensuring that each product delivers an enticing flavor, powerful effects and the richest CBD content possible.

    Our premium pre-rolled offerings make an exciting, sought-after addition to your retail or clinical operation — a popular, affordable line of CBD hemp products with high return and business potential.

    Available in packs of two, five, and seven individual pre-rolled joints, our extensive pre-roll lineup includes such notable strains as:

    • Bubba Kush
    • Hawaiian Haze
    • Sour Space Candy
    • Special Sauce
    • Lifter
    • Elektra
    • And more

    Each hemp flower pre-roll comes packaged in a child-resistant tube, vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness and product quality.

    We Offer Top-Shelf CBD Flower

    As a leading CBD flower wholesale supplier, our goal is to provide businesses the best in wholesale hemp flowers and pre-rolled CBD products. That’s why we work tirelessly to source every high-CBD strain from indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse farmers and hemp farms that share our love for high-quality hemp.

    All of Green Unicorn Farms’ flowers undergo a rigorous quality-control process to guarantee that you always get the best hemp CBD offerings possible. This includes:

    • Selecting the best strains. We sort through and select flower wholesale strains containing only the richest CBD levels and CBD content diversity, curating the diverse array of flowers and flavors needed to deliver a great user experience.
    • Assessing the environment. Our CBD hemp flower experts examine each strain’s growing conditions (light, water, soil, and feed) to ensure the purest, most flavorful products.
    • Harvesting and curing. We partner with seasoned hemp farmers who understand the best times and methods for harvesting hemp strains and curing each plant to perfection.
    • Testing for THC. Each flower we cultivate is lab-tested for THC consistency and compliance (all products contain 0.3% or less of THC).
    • Packaging and delivery. Our hemp industry professionals package all wholesale hemp flower orders with care, so you get the freshest hemp buds and best results every time.

    Choose CBD Flower for Your Business Today

    Considering CBD flower for your business?

    At Green Unicorn Farms, we specialize in superior-quality bulk CBD flower and premium pre-rolled product orders that will expand your offerings, grow your business, and boost your bottom line.

    With popular, perfectly curated CBD strains, competitive pricing options, and a wide selection of pre-roll products, we can help you deliver a distinct, memorable customer experience that will thrust your brand ahead of the competition.

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    FDA Disclosure: Any statements made here regarding these products or Green Unicorn Farms have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information offered in this forum is not designed as an alternative or substitute for the advice of health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional before use if you have a serious medical condition or take prescription medications.

    A wide selection of CBD flower

    Our top priority is supplying you with premium CBD flower that will enhance your business, cultivate lasting customer connections, and enable long-term success.