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While you’re reading this, all of our new strains from this seasons’ harvest are slowly curing, before they get hand-trimmed, inspected for quality, and are ready for your smoking pleasure.

As we get closer to the release of our new 2022 top-shelf CBD nugs menu, we thought we’d take the time to introduce you to some of the most exciting strains we’ll have available, including some brand new, exotic strains and some updated classics.

The Crawford Brothers of Oregon CBD Seeds have truly pushed the entire industry forward with their hemp genetics and this year you can expect higher quality flower than ever before as hemp flower genetics have matured and stabilized.

Keep reading to view our brand new CBD strain line up!

Industry pressure produced diamonds in 2021

This season we battled with legal changes in the state of California as Governor Newsom effectively banned the manufacturing and sale of smokable hemp flower in the state. Facing these turbulent changes, we moved all of Green Unicorn Farm’s shipping up to Medford, OR. Medford, located in Southern Oregon, is known as the Mecca of hemp and we’re glad to be here.

At Green Unicorn Farms we also struck up a new partnership with an Award-Winning, USDA Certified Organic, Farm in Southern Oregon. This partnership will allow us to bring you fresh flower year-round with a consistent supply of premium quality outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor flower.

Forbidden V CBDV Flower

The 2022 CBD strains

Bubba Kush 59

**This season we introduce two different versions of the popular Bubba Kush strain. They share certain aspects of their genetics but differ in terms of effects and flavor.

Bubba Kush 59 is a similar but upgraded version of the original Bubba Kush strain. If you’ve smoked Bubba Kush before, then you will recognize most of the flavors and aromas coming from these buds.

The buds have shades of dark purple and have the same dense, beautiful nugs that we have come to know and love.

The aroma is full of pine, chocolate and liquorice and the effects are heavy in the body with a classic Indica dominant effect.

Bubba Kush 77

Bubba Kush 77 is the newer version of the two. It is a lighter phenotype that shares a similar bud structure, but is different in the fact that it has a lighter lime-green color, less purples, and is slightly less gassy.

Bubba 77 is a well-balanced strain that you can enjoy earlier in the day without feeling like you want to creep into bed and fade into sweet slumber.

Expect Bubba Kush 77 a little later than the other strains from this harvest. It is a late bloomer and we are expecting it to be harvested, cured, and ready for you in December.

Curing CBD flower

Forbidden V

Forbidden V is a hot new addition to our menu made by the Crawford Brothers (Oregon CBD genetics). This is a high CBDV strain with a deliciously fresh, and exotic fruity flavor that bounces off your pallet.

The buds are long and skinny and slightly smaller than the average CBD strain, but these buds prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to the aromatics and effects of a strain.

Forbidden V (also known as Forbidden Fruit) was grown in a controlled environment in a greenhouse. It is a late bloomer that will be ready for harvest in November, so please be patient!

Forbidden V has a CBD to CBDV ratio of 1:1, meaning that the CBD percentage may look low at first, but you need to double the CBD percentage in order to get the actual CBD + CBDV content.

Pine Walker

Pine Walker is another new and exciting strain that we will be receiving from RDSP’s organic greenhouses in Southern Oregon. It is nothing short of loud, stinky, and gassy, and is guaranteed to have your nose buzzing with joyful expectancy.

This is another new CBDV-rich strain that offers you a fresh and aromatic flavor of pine needles and lemons.

Just like with Forbidden V, the buds are smaller than you would expect from a traditional CBD strain.

Effects of CBDV flower

According to Oregon CBD Seeds, CBDV is chemically similar to CBD, but elicits its own unique effects. CBDV is the target of multiple pharmaceutical research commercialization efforts and casual consumers will find that it provides calm, focused energy, coupled with muscle relaxation.

After internal testing, they are confident that most consumers will prefer the nuanced effects of a balanced CBDV/CBD flower over pure CBD.

Hand crafted hemp flower

Sour Suver

Sour Suver (Haze) is a newer, gassier version of the classic Suver Haze. It provides a light and gratifying experience with uplifting, euphoric effects.

Expect these beautiful bright green buds to hit you with fruity notes on the inhale and a smooth gassy citrus twang on the exhale.

You may notice that Sour Suver’s buds are slightly smaller than the Classic Suver Haze strain, but Sour Suver was intentionally bred this way as the previous genetics were prone to growing HUGE buds that easily molded.

Sour Hawaiian Haze

Sour Hawaiian Haze is an upgraded version of the Classic Hawaiian Haze that has been backcrossed with GG4 for a more pungent and powerful effect.

The buds shimmer in beautiful shades of violet, lavender, peach, and bright green.

Sour Hawaiian Haze has a full floral bouquet on the front and hits you with heavy delicious gas on the back. The effects are uplifting and light just like the Classic Hawaiian Haze.

Sour Elektra

Sour Elektra is perhaps the most exciting new addition to the menu as it may well be the stinkiest and dankest of all the strains on the roster this harvest. It has a classic old-school cannabis smell with extremely gassy notes that we love.

The buds are dense and tight with almost silvery purple shades on top of the vivid green CBD nugs.

The effects are euphoric, relaxing and very chilled out. Just like OG Elektra, Sour Elektra is the perfect strain to bring to a relaxing daytime outing where you want to feel like the best version of yourself.

Hand holding CBD Nug

CBG White

If you have tried the classic CBG White, you will know that the effect, smell and look of the strain is vastly different from CBD flower.

This harvest of CBG White offers a new and improved version of the previous strain’s genetics and has huge beautiful buds with more powerful aromatics than previous harvests. The buds are bright green and stinky, creating a focused, alert and heady effect that is best described as a Sativa.

Even if you didn’t like previous versions of CBG White, we recommend that you give this new harvest a chance as it has had a huge upgrade in both flavor and aroma from last year!

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is a staple classic in CBD flower at this point. Many people regard it as the best CBD strain available and its popularity increases every year as more people try it out for themselves.

This new and improved release of Sour Space Candy has a phenomenal aroma that is as gassy as they come. The egg-shaped buds are beautiful and full of purples and bright greens, with orange hairs.

This classic strain continues to live up to its hype, leaving you feeling relaxed, happy, and uplifted, ready to tackle the day’s adventures head-on.


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