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Growing premium quality hemp flower that is meant for smoking is not an easy task. Our Green Unicorn Farmers are top-of-the-line growers who know the art of hemp farming.


  • The art of hemp farming
  • Hemp as a bioremediator
  • Quality soil and water
  • Organic Vs. Not organic
  • Experienced farmers
  • Growing great hemp

The Art Of Hemp Farming

When you’re shopping for smokable hemp, or any CBD product for that matter, the location and circumstances under which the hemp was grown is of vital importance.

After selecting desirable seed genetics, it’s the grow that ultimately determines the quality and safety of the end product, whether it be in smokable form, or extracted to an oil or tincture.

The market is littered with companies who are quick to tell you about the potential health benefits of hemp, but not too many companies will take the time to tell you how important product sourcing can be.

Today we’re here to tell you why the cultivation of hemp plays such a huge role in its overall quality.

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Hemp is a Bioremediator

Hemp is known as a bioremediator due to its remarkable ability to remove contaminants from soil.

It can even be used to remove heavy metals from soil, and explosives, solvents, pesticides and toxins from landfills.

Industrial hemp is even used to clean up radioactive elements from water, and was used to prevent further soil contamination near the Chernobyl site.

In fact, according to Phytotech, hemp is one of the best plants for phytoremediation that they’ve come across.

While this is great news for the world of bioremediation, it does leave hemp exposed to higher risk of contamination from its environment, and is an important fact to consider when you’re cultivating it for human consumption.

Good Quality Soil & Water Needed

The soil that your hemp is grown in, as well as the water used to grow it, is of utmost importance for this reason.

Oftentimes, hemp will be grown for other purposes, such as its fibers, and then the leftover biomass will be sold to companies to extract the CBD from it.

In cases such as these, your CBD source could have literally been grown anywhere and could contain all manner of toxins and heavy metals, and shouldn’t be ingested by anyone.

Our advice would be to always make sure that you can trace your hemp back to its source and check that the location it was grown in is known for its high quality arable land.

At Green Unicorn Farms we make sure we know where our hemp was grown. Not just the state, or even the county, but right down to the actual field it was grown in.

“Our advice would be to always make sure that you can trace your hemp back to its source”

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Organic Cultivation

A clean product will also involve organic cultivation which means no pesticides are to be used during the grow.

Pesticides, such as herbicides and insecticides, are often used by farmers to protect their crops from pests, fungus, and disease.

These pesticides stay on the hemp and will continue to be present when you buy and eventually consume the product

Hemp is naturally resistant to many pitfalls faced by farmers but lab reports show that many farmers still use them, despite being proven as harmful to your health.

We suggest that you always demand a lab report for all your CBD purchases that proves your source has been tested as negative for pesticide use.

At Green Unicorn Farms we have all of our smokable hemp flower third-party tested to ensure it’s the cleanest around, for our peace of mind as well as yours.

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Experienced Farmers

To be honest, almost anyone could grow hemp.

To grow premium quality hemp that’s really enjoyable to smoke, however, actually requires a lot of knowledge, and experience.

The richest and most diverse cannabinoid and terpene profiles will only be attained by farmers who understand the importance of factors like the Ph levels of the soil and the nutrients that hemp needs to flourish, rather than just grow.

The ideal harvest window is small and the art of drying and curing the hemp is vital to ensure the product stays fresh and the cannabinoid count stays high.

Many of the best farmers in the market have experience growing medical marijuana and are able to use this experience to cultivate big, juicy, aromatic hemp buds that contain rich and diverse cannabinoid profiles.

At Green Unicorn Farms, we understand the importance of the grow and look for farmers that share our knowledge and passion for the hemp plant.

We insist on only working with farmers that operate organic farming practices in good, clean soil, with regular pruning, feeding and watering schedules to result in the cleanest and richest hemp flower available.

“To grow premium quality hemp that’s really enjoyable to smoke requires a lot of knowledge, and experience.”

Growing Great Hemp

Whether you’re smoking CBD to experience some of the potential health benefits it offers, or just for sheer pleasure, it’s important to make sure you are buying a clean, high-quality product for your safety and enjoyment.

If you buy your smokable hemp flower from us, you can feel confident that we search out the cleanest, richest, most aromatic hemp flower available in the U.S. Working with the country’s most experienced farmers, we only hunt what’s worth hunting and only share what’s worth smoking to keep you coming back for more, time and time again.


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