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As you may already know, the CBD-rich hemp flower you buy from us is perfectly dried and cured flower buds from the hemp plant. If you store them correctly, they’ll stay this way and your last smoke will be as effective and delicious as your first.

But “how do you store CBD buds to keep them fresh?“. We’re often asked this by our customers, so we put together this short article to help. In this article, we’ll answer:

  • How do You Store CBD Buds?
  • Does CBD Flower Lose Potency?
  • Does CBD Flower go Bad?

How do you store CBD buds?

To make sure your hemp bud stays as fresh as the day they arrived, you need to protect them from air, sunlight, and moisture.

Air & Sunlight

Exposure to oxygen and UV rays will eventually cause the degradation of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds, contained within the plant. Flower that has been exposed to too much air and sunlight will have less CBD in it and it will also be much less aromatic due to the loss of terpenes.

You may also find it a lot harsher to smoke!


You should also avoid exposing your premium CBD strains to moisture, whether this is moisture from the air or any other source. When you receive your CBD buds from us, they will have been through a curing process that ensures they contain humidity levels around ~60%.

Even just a little more could make your buds harder to grind and smoke and, worst-case scenario, your buds could go moldy.

So, in answer to the question, “does CBD flower go bad?”, yes it definitely can do if exposed to moisture.

Lifter CBD strain

The best way to store CBD buds

You’ll see a lot of resealable bags in the hemp flower market which are really handy for keeping air and moisture off the buds. You may also notice that our bags aren’t transparent, thereby also protecting them from UV light.

Best long-term solution: Colored mason jars

However, for longer-term storage, we recommend that you transfer your buds into colored mason jars and keep them somewhere dark.

The CBD in your buds, as well as all of the other cannabinoids, are packed into tiny crystal-like trichomes that cover the surface of the flower. The constant opening and closing of a baggy will disturb the flower and cause many of these trichomes to fall off and stick to the inside of the bag (you may have noticed that the baggy gets stickier over time).

Storing your hemp buds in glass jars won’t subject these delicate little flowers to so much movement. Colored mason jars are even better as they will also help to protect your CBD hemp bud from some harmful UV rays in those times you forget to put your stash away!


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