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There are many benefits of smokable CBD flower. Thanks to an increase in top-shelf CBD strains from experienced growers, users are able to enjoy smoking hemp more than ever before. Smoking CBD hemp flower will help you to:

  • Access premium quality CBD flower
  • Enjoy instantaneous effects 
  • Enjoy smoking the herb without the high
  • Eliminate the need for tobacco

A Superior Source Of CBD

Smokable hemp flower has been all the rage in Europe for a number of years now and you may have noticed that it’s fast gaining popularity in the booming U.S. CBD market too. As premium quality CBD hemp flower becomes more readily available, increasing numbers of people are choosing to smoke CBD over other methods of consumption, and for good reason.

Smokable CBD flower is setting a new standard on the scene as it provides a superior, more reliable and more versatile source of CBD. Perhaps it’s time you made the switch to smoking CBD joints too?

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The Rise of Superior Strains

The 2018 Farm Bill changed the landscape of America by legalizing hemp. And we mean literally, changed the landscape. In many states, farmers have been encouraged to plant hemp and this year over half a million acres were licensed to cultivate this incredibly useful crop, whether it be with a view to using its fibers, seeds, or hemp flower

As the outdoor hemp market flourishes, so too are the indoor and greenhouse growing scenes. The already explosive popularity of CBD, teamed with the legalization of hemp, has provided the motivation needed for experienced cannabis growers to propagate hemp that bears high-grade smokable flower.

Growing indoors and in greenhouses allows for much greater control over the growing environment including factors such as soil quality, light, temperature, and moisture.

Stringent biomass testing and expedited breeding of indoor hemp has helped create notably rich CBD flower that smells and tastes as good as it looks. In short, the smokable CBD hemp flower market offers an attractive and consistent consumer experience.

Instantaneous Effect

Smoking CBD, as is the case when smoking anything, is all about instantaneous effect. The insides of your lungs provide a particularly speedy route to your bloodstream. In fact, when it comes to immediacy, inhalation is second only to intravenous injection.

Comparatively, taking CBD sublingually (under the tongue) will take at least 20 minutes to kick in, and CBD edibles can take well over an hour to get into your system. Depending on your reasons for taking CBD, there can be huge benefits from getting the CBD into your system faster so that it can start working more quickly.

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Herb Without the High

You may also enjoy smoking hemp flower because it doesn’t contain significant amounts of THC. Perhaps you don’t like getting high? Or maybe you just don’t want to be high all the time?

For many people it’s just not practical or appropriate to feel stoned all the time, but they do enjoy the taste and aromas of a well-rolled hemp joint.

Smokable CBD hemp flower offers a fantastic quality experience. You get to enjoy the taste and pleasure from smoking cannabis, along with your daily dose of cannabinoids, but without being made to feel like a space cadet.

We’re not suggesting that there’s anything wrong with being high, just that sometimes we have other responsibilities on a Monday morning. Smokable hemp provides a great option for those that need to leave space training sessions for the evenings and weekends.

And since smokable buds are full-spectrum CBD, they offer great benefits over isolates and broad spectrum products. More about what full spectrum CBD is here.

Eliminate Tobacco

Finally, another huge reason why smokable hemp flower is so awesome is that it acts as a great tobacco alternative.

The last few decades have seen the THC content in marijuana skyrocket as growers have selectively bred more psychoactive strains. In fact, it’s estimated that THC concentrations are 60% stronger than they were back in the 1970’s and you’re not alone if you think that it’s just too strong! 

This is the reason that many people have turned to CBD hemp flower. Some people have found that hemp flower can help them give up tobacco and nicotine altogether.

On its own, or mixed with marijuana, smokable hemp flower provides a desirable alternative to tobacco, which is both addictive and deadly. So if it can help you give up smoking nicotine, or at least cut down, then we’re all for it.

The Future of Hemp is Smokable

As indoor grows offer up a range of more superior hemp flower strains, smoking hemp becomes more enticing. You can pack a joint with it, smoke it through a pipe, bake with it, or even make your own extractions as smokable hemp flower is a highly versatile source of CBD. 

But, most importantly, you get the opportunity to see, smell, and taste the quality of the flower for yourself.

Whether you want to experience more immediate effects from your cannabinoids, smoke some delicious and fragrant herb without feeling high, or eliminate the need for tobacco in your life, smokable hemp flower is the key. 

At Green Unicorn Farms we’re constantly searching for the cleanest, richest, and most aromatic hemp flower available in the U.S. so that we can promise a superior experience. Whether you want to buy it by the gram, or get started with a couple of hemp pre-rolls, you can order from our store online and we’ll deliver it right to your door. 

Choose from indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor CBD flower that we’ve managed to hunt down from America’s most experienced growers. We only hunt what’s worth hunting and we only share what’s worth smoking.

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