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Hawaiian Haze

From $8.99
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Fruity | Energetic | Daytime

Special Sauce

From $8.99
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Potent | Relaxing | Nighttime


From $8.99
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Uplifting | Peaceful | Daytime


From $8.99
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Flavorful | Unique | Daytime
flavor special

Pre Roll Bundle

$35.99 $25.99
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Sour Space Candy

From $15.99
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Uplifting | Sweet & Sour | Daytime


From $15.99
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Rich and energetic strain

Secret OG

From $15.99
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Perfect for nighttime relaxation

Hemp Pre Rolls

For maximum convenience, choose from our selection of CBD pre rolls that are ready to go when you are.

Why grind and roll your own when you we can make perfectly rolled joints for you?

Packaged in reusable tubes, your CBD pre rolls are sure to arrive in pristine condition.

The hemp pre rolls come in child-resistant, glass tubes that contain 2x .75g pre rolls each. If you are not sure which pre roll strain to get, we’ve created a handy CBD Pre Roll Bundle (Flavor Pack) in which you get one .75g pre roll of each in our current CBD pre roll line up.

Each Green Unicorn Farms pre roll is a legend in its own right. We always aim to supply you with the most aromatic and effective premium hemp flower available, focusing on legendary strains with curated quality.

Shipping and packaging

We pack the glass tubes in vacuum sealed plastic and bubble wrap that keeps the glass from shattering and any of the aromatic hemp smell to get out.

In 2020 we introduced our child resistant pre roll packs that contain 5-7 individual hemp pre rolls. The pre roll pack is small and sleek, and allows you to easily carry your CBD pre rolls with you wherever you go.