It Starts With A Seed

Even the most experienced growers need to start out with superior seed genetics in order to cultivate premium CBD hemp flower. We make it our business to know exactly how your flower started its life by tracing it all the way back to its source.
curated hemp strains

Hemp Strain Curation

By only selecting strains with the richest CBD levels and diverse cannabinoid content we're able to present you with choice and help you find exactly what you need. Flavor is also just as important to us which is why we follow our nose to hunt down vibrant terpene profiles, able to produce the most aromatic, mouth-watering flowers and a superior user experience.
The richest full-spectrum CBD content to offer enhanced effects.

Always low (0.3% or less) and regularly tested to ensure ongoing compliance.

Premium Growing Conditions

You deserve a clean product and the growing environment of each flower we sell is examined to make sure you get one. We insist on healthy soil, clean water and organic feed, as well as perfect temperatures and light to cultivate the richest CBD flowers. We hunt down the most experienced farmers that love their hemp as much as we do.
Controlled climates are often able to produce higher cannabinoid contents, stronger flavors,  as well as more cosmetically perfect CBD flowers.

Co-parented with Mother Nature under the sun’s natural light spectrum, flavor and potency will still be in full force but often in slightly lower concentrations.

Cut & Cured To Perfection

Experienced farmers will know when the crop is ripe for harvesting and cut it down when the trichomes are brimming with cannabinoids and terpenes. Drying and curing the CBD hemp flowers is an art in itself and we hunt down superior skills from like-minded perfectionists to ensure that we can deliver the hemp flower's full flavor, fragrance, and effects.
A small golden window exists for the most experienced growers at harvest-time to capture the most fully developed cannabinoid and terpene profiles, before mold sets in.
After being dried slowly to a specific moisture level, the flower needs a dark, controlled humidity environment to achieve peak potency, quality and perfection.

Packaged & Sold With Love

We love our premium hemp flower and want to make sure it gets to you in great form. Only the finest buds make it into our smokable flower. We handle them as little as possible (like the delicate flowers they are), package them carefully, and send them forth into the world to their new loving home.