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Pre-Roll Flight

6x Pre Roll 5-packs

Bubba Kush

Dank | Peaceful | Nighttime

Sour Space Candy

Sweet & Sour | Uplifting | Daytime

Hawaiian Haze

Fruity | Energetic | Daytime

Pre Roll Bundle



Flavorful | Unique | Anytime


Uplifting | Peaceful | Daytime

Special Sauce

Potent | Relaxing | Nighttime

CBD Pre Rolls

For maximum convenience, choose from our selection of the best CBD pre-rolls that are ready to go when you are.

Why grind and roll your own when you we can make perfectly rolled joints for you?

Packaged in reusable tubes and “snap packs”, your CBD pre rolls are sure to arrive in pristine condition.

Green Unicorn Farms’ hemp flower pre rolls come in child-resistant packaging that contain 2, 5 or 7, 0.75g pre rolls each. If you are not sure which product to get, we’ve created a handy CBD Pre Roll Bundle (Flavor Pack) in which you get one of each pre roll from our current CBD joint line up.

If you’re looking for an even better deal, check out the Pre Roll Flight which gives you 6x, 5-packs. One of each flavor in the current line up.

Each Green Unicorn Farms pre roll is a legend in its own right. We always aim to supply you with the most aromatic and effective premium CBD flower available, focusing on legendary strains with curated quality.


CBD flower has quite unique and interesting effects on the consumer. You really need to spend some time learning about terpenescannabinoids and the entourage effect in order to get a good grip of the effect that smoking CBD can have.

In order to make picking the correct strain easier for you, we have divided the strains by Daytime, Nighttime (evening time) and Day/Night. We also show you flavor and terpenes on each individual product page.

If you are still unsure of which strain to buy first, you are best recommended to buy a bundle with a few different strains at a discounted price.

The hemp flower joints are evenly packed to provide a great smoking experience from first to last draw.

Please remember that each person has a different reaction to smoking CBD joints. After smoking hemp pre rolls you will feel the effects within minutes or even seconds. If you feel bad or uneasy you are recommended to stop or take a break from smoking. Full spectrum CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC and delta 9 THC (below or equal to .3% of the dry weight) which some persons react poorly with.

Classic & Elite CBD joints

Try our classic CBD joints or our elite pre rolls. All our strains are made from top-shelf hemp buds and thin flavorless papers.

Shipping and packaging

We pack the CBD hemp flower joints in glass tubes and then in vacuum sealed plastic and bubble wrap that keeps the glass from shattering and any of the aromatic hemp smell to get out.

In 2020 we introduced our child resistant pre roll packs that contain 5-7 individual hemp pre rolls. The pre roll pack is small and sleek, and allows you to easily carry your hemp pre rolls with you wherever you go.

CBD hemp flower and pre rolled CBD joints are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill as long as the delta 9 THC percentage is below or equal to .3%.

We always ship each order with a letter to law enforcement stating that the content in the package is in-fact legal CBD flower.