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Since hemp flower was legalized at a federal level back in 2018, the hemp flower market has exploded in demand to customers seeking to enjoy the benefits of consuming CBD, as well as the unique and flavorful user experience that smoking CBD hemp flower offers.

As the market continues to expand, you have an increasing number of products to choose from when it comes to buying CBD flower online. However, having so many choices can be pretty overwhelming, so we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best CBD flower strains of 2021, to help you narrow down your search.

Within our top 10 countdown we’ve included a good mix of medium to very high CBD percentage strains, to offer you a good range of choice and to help you find the perfect product to meet your needs.

  1. Lifter
  2. Bubba Kush
  3. Super Sour Space Candy
  4. Sour Lifter
  5. Special Sauce
  6. Sour Special Sauce
  7. Hawaiian Haze
  8. Sour Space Candy
  9. Cherry Abacus
  10. Magic Bullet

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The Selection Process

Here at Green Unicorn Farms, we spend our days hunting down the most premium strains of hemp flower (in terms of potency, flavor, user experience and price), from experienced and passionate farmers, allowing you access to the best of the best all in one place.

We know that growing really great hemp flower takes a lot of experience and know-how. Everything needs to be perfect from choosing the right seed genetics, through to timely harvesting and proper curing, to ensure that when the flower reaches you, its trichomes are brimming with all of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. A truly great CBD product must be great from soil to body in order to give the best benefits to you as the consumer.

Therefore, every hemp flower strain you will come across at Green Unicorn Farms has been handpicked for the following qualities.

  • Effects – When we talk about the “best CBD flower” we really talk about helping you find the best CBD flower for YOU. Most of us smoke to remedy something, whether physical or psychological, and our mission is to help you find the perfect strain with a terpene profile that helps you reach that goal.
  • Fully Developed Terpene Profileall of our strains offer pungent aromatics and unique, thoroughly enjoyable flavors due to their bold terpenes from the purest sources.
  • Rich Cannabinoid Content – next to each hemp flower strain you will see that we’ve provided you with the total cannabinoids vs CBD %, all of which can be confirmed with third party lab reports. Total cannabinoids contribute to the entourage effect, in which it has been proven that the whole plant effect is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Moisture Content – we also check the moisture content of each strain to ensure that it’s cured properly, as all too often we’ll see flower that is either too wet or too dry. If the flower has too much moisture in it then it will be more prone to mold and will weigh heavier (meaning you lose out) and if it’s too dry then it will lose potency and flavor (also meaning you lose out).
  • Cleanliness – all of our handpicked CBD nigs are grown using organic farming methods, in clean arable soil right here in the USA, so you can be confident they’re free from pesticides, heavy metals, and any other harmful compounds.
  • Compliance – we also only source from licensed growers and make sure that our CBD flower is fully compliant with the Hemp Farming Act, never containing more than 0.3% delta-9 THC.

The 10 Best CBD Flower Strains of 2021

Without any further ado, here are the 10 best hemp flower strains of 2021.

1 – Lifter

Total Cannabinoids – 22.8% | CBD – 17.8%

Lifter CBD flower raw buds


  • High CBD content
  • Peaceful energy daytime strain
  • Lingering sweet and funky aromas and flavors
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Sold as pre rolls & flower

Strain Description

Lifter CBD nugs have a bold terpene profile offering a unique, flavorful and smooth smoke. Sweet, funky and fruity flavors are highlighted against a backdrop of earthy pine.

Lifter perhaps one of the most popular hemp strains in the US which works well in all daytime situations, from business to pleasure. It promotes a feeling of contentedness, offering a peaceful energy that will keep you motivated and focused all day.

Our Lifter strain is sold both as pre-rolls and as loose CBD flower for people who are more experienced with rolling joints or want more CBD for the price.

Lifter is made by Oregon CBD genetics.

2 – Bubba Kush

Total Cannabinoids – 16.18% | CBD – 14.5%

Bubba Kush 2020


  • Medium-high CBD content
  • Sedating nighttime strain
  • Exotically flavored with chocolate and spice
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Sold as flower and pre rolls

Strain Description

A classic and popular strain that will bring decadent and exotic aromatics to a joint near you. Expect chocolate, coffee, and faint coconut notes with a deliciously spicy, citrus finish on the exhale.

Bubba Kush CBD nugs has gained fame for its extraordinary abilities to send you straight to La La Land, so make sure you’ve finished your To Do list for the day before lighting this one up. Without a doubt, this is one of the best CBD strains for the night and you’ll fall in love with it immediately if you’re looking for a fast-acting strain to help you switch off.

3 – Super Sour Space Candy

Total Cannabinoids – 18.5% | CBD – 16.34%

Super Sour Space Candy 2020


  • High CBD content
  • Chill strain for both day and night
  • Very sound and sweet flavors
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Sold as flower

Strain Description

Just like the original Sour Space C, this strain has notes of green apples and sour candies. However, this super sour variation has an even more tangie taste of lemons and delicious sweet fruits.

Comes with big beautiful buds that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The mind melting effects help you get your thoughts right while you feel your shoulders drop and your smile lift.

4 – Sour Lifter

Total Cannabinoids – 19.62% | CBD – 17.42%

Sour Lifter 2020


  • High CBD content
  • Daytime strain
  • Unique and flavor-packed with citrus and diesel
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Sold as flower

Strain Description

Sour Lifter puts a fun new twist on the original Lifter strain. It has a more pungent, gassy, diesel and citric flavor but the same uplifting, clear headed and calming effects.

With almost 20% total cannabinoids and a rich terpene profile, Sour Lifter makes excellent use of the entourage effect to give you the best results from your CBD flower.

5 – Special Sauce

Total Cannabinoids – 23.2% | CBD – 23.1%

Special Sauce Pre Rolls


  • Very High CBD content
  • Relaxing and smooth evening and nighttime strain
  • Uniquely flavored with berries
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Sold as pre rolls

Strain Description

The unassuming bud size of Special Sauce will break down to particularly pungent grounds that smell and taste of cinnamon and berries, with a woody, earthy finish.

This strain offers a smooth and velvety smoking experience that is best enjoyed in the evening or before bed, when you’re looking to unwind and let go of the day’s stresses and strains. When expressed in such high levels, both CBD and the terpene myrcene will help make you feel supremely calm and relaxed.

The strongest CBD flower

Special Sauce is a highly popular CBD strain both for its powerful effects and smooth smoking experience. It is the strongest CBD flower we currently have on the menu. Try it today and feel the difference!

6 – Sour Special Sauce

Total Cannabinoids – 17.3% | CBD – 16.67%

Sour Special Sauce CBD flower


  • Medium CBD content
  • Relaxing evening strain
  • Sour citric flavor with diesel notes
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Sold as flower

Strain Description

With berry-like sweet and sour notes and a gassy and earthy undertone, Sour Special Sauce is uniquely different in flavor from original Special Sauce. The effects however, give you the same chilled out and relaxing vibes but with a slightly more focusing and creative twist.

7 – Hawaiian Haze

Total Cannabinoids – 17.2% | CBD – 15.13%

Hawaiian Haze 2020


  • Medium-low CBD content
  • Energetic daytime strain
  • Totally tropical tastes
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Sold as pre rolls & flower

Strain Description

Hawaiian Haze won’t disappoint your tropical expectations as the aromas and flavors will send your imagination packing to an island paradise. This hemp flower is an absolute pleasure to smoke, exuding fruits such as pineapple and mango, accented with sweet summer petals, all with an earthy and peppery finish.

This CBD strain is sure to put a spring in your step that will help kick-start your day the right way, also setting you up well for parties and social occasions. The slightly lower CBD content makes it an ideal strain for hemp newbies, lighter CBD users, more frequent smokers, and it will also mix well with cannabis products.

Another strain with genetics by Oregon CBD.

8 – Sour Space Candy

Total Cannabinoids – 22.2% | CBD – 17.3%

Sour Space Candy CBD Flower


  • High CBD content
  • Uplifting daytime strain
  • Potent sweet and sour aromatics
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Sold as pre rolls & flower

Strain Description

An uplifting and potent strain with an uplifting and potent flavor to match. Sweet blossom balances with an array of fruits to party in your mouth. Citrus, tropical and even the odd whiff of cherry pulls through on this surprisingly smooth and tasty smoke.

Sour Space Candy is a fantastic mood booster, making it one of the best CBD strains for the daytime that we’ve encountered. Containing hefty amounts of both limonene and pinene, this strain will help you tackle any task, large or small, by uplifting you into a zone of motivated calm and clear, rational thought.

9 – Cherry Abacus

Total Cannabinoids – 16.4% | CBD – 15.87%

Cherry Abacus CBD Flower


  • Medium CBD content
  • Balanced evening strain
  • Flavor of cherries and red berries
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Sold as flower

Strain Description

Cherry Abacus is a loud, aromatic CBD strain with small to medium sized buds that are dense and lightly covered with trichomes. It has a fruity and floral scent with rich notes of red berries with cherries in particular. Some even think the aroma is similar to that of Cherry Coke.

Cherry Abacus is perfect for relaxing the mind and body without getting completely locked to the couch. A strain for winding down after a long day when you want to melt away tension and discomforts.

10 – Magic Bullet

Total Cannabinoids – 21% | CBD – 18.4%

Magic Bullet Hemp Flower Strain


  • High CBD content
  • Soothing anytime strain
  • Complex fruity and floral strain
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Sold as flower

Strain Description

Magic Bullet is an exotic strain of hemp flower that will impress even the pickiest of hemp connoisseurs with its complex fruity bouquet that is somewhat floral… and hoppy… and peppery… and citrus-y. We invite you to discover new depths to its flavors with every puff.

This exciting strain will soothe and relax you and although we feel that it is generally best suited to the evenings, it also works really well during any downtime you may have, morning, noon, or night. Whether you’re getting a bit of work done around the house, or relaxing with friends, this soothing sense of calm feels floaty and fantastic and will most certainly have you coming back for more.

CBD Pre Rolls Vs. CBD Flower

You’ll notice that some hemp strains are sold as bags of flower, some as pre rolls, and some are available in both formats. If you’re not sure whether to buy your hemp flower by the bag or roll, let us help by explaining the differences.

Pre Rolls

Our pre rolls are available to buy in packs of two, five, or seven, perfectly rolled 0.75g joints. They offer the ultimate in convenience for both busy and more inexperienced hemp smokers. Whether you don’t have the time to roll yourself, or have yet to learn how, these consistently crafted pre rolls will burn evenly every time and are packaged in handy, reusable joint packs, allowing you to light up on the go.


Our flower is sold in increments of ⅛’s (3.5g), up to 1lb (56g) bags and is better suited to more experienced hemp or cannabis smokers that can already roll their own joints. If you buy bags of flower, then not only will you get more bang for your buck, but it also gives you more freedom on how to smoke it (joint, pipe, or bong, straight or mixed with cannabis).


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